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Elimination of the most common P17BF error of DSG 7 series
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KINERGO – is a group of companies united under one trademark with a unified management and quality control system.

KINERGO – stands for innovation, engineering, production and confident movement forward.

KINERGO manufacturing has been producing and selling all over the world equipment for the professional repair of automatic transmission torque converters for several years and on an ongoing basis. We consider all the latest trends and developments in this area.


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Development experience since 2005
Deliveries to more than 90 countries around the world
Reliable equipment with post-warranty service
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Important company events

Kinergo and ATRA: a new format of cooperation
July 7, 2021

Since 2016, Kinergo has been a permanent member of ATRA – the international association of experts in the repair of automatic transmissions. Since June of 2021, there is a new format of cooperation for Kinergo: participation in specialized exhibitions in the United States and placement of its own publications in Gears magazine on an ongoing […]

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SENAR S3 is a new friction material from Kinergo
July 7, 2021

KINERGO company introduces to the market of spare parts for automatic transmissions products from a new friction material SENAR S3. This modern friction material has been specially developed as an alternative to existing materials such as TAN, Kevlar and Carbon. The novelty has high indicators of friction coefficients, wear resistance and stability in a wide […]

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A short video about welding machines SV by Kinergo
December 15, 2020

All the most important about welding machines of the SV line in our short video.

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