• Professional equipment for torque converter rebuilding

  • More than 100 companies all over the world are using our equipment

  • We train your team to become professionals in TC rebuilding

  • Our resource saving technologies help to save your money

  • Torque converter rebuilding equipment
    Torque converter rebuilding equipment

    KINERGО torque converter rebuilding equipment is a set of tools, stands and machines of its own design that allows you to organize a full cycle of torque converter rebuilding in your enterprise.

  • VBTM-K: Vаlve Body Testing Machine KINERGO
    VBTM-K: Vаlve Body Testing Machine KINERGO

    VBTM-K is a Valve Body Test Machine KINERGO that is built to last. VBTМ-K uses only the best materials available to ensure quality and reliability. This equipment allows customers to quickly and easily pinpoint the slightest problem within the Valve Body which is impossible to spot with other diagnostics tools.

  • ATF

    All KINERGO ATFs have a balanced combination of high quality base oils and most modern additives package and meet all international quality standards imposed on these types of specialized fluids.

  • Friction disc reman technology
    Friction disc reman technology

    Now KINERGO offers ZF 6HPxx friction disc reman technology to all workshops that rebuild Torque Converters (TC). It can save up to 70% on spare parts cost.  

  • Torque converter parts
    Torque converter parts

    KINERGO pays special attention to the TC rebuilding. A wide range of parts for torque converter rebuilding of our own production as well as from world leaders in this field is always available. 

  • Engineering

    Custom equipment designed and manufactured in KINERGO allowed the customer to save money, and its effectiveness was higher then of serial counterparts. We solve real problems in your plant, and do not give advice, which cannot be implemented.


KINERGО is a group of companies, united under one brand, with a single management system and quality control. KINERGО means innovation, engineering, production and steady progress.

As a manufacturing company KINERGО for several years and on a continuous basis have been producing and selling the equipment for professional repair of transmission torque соnverter all over the world, which takes into account all the latest trends and developments in this area.

Under its own brand KINERGО produces a series of oils for automatic transmissions (KINERGО ATF), as well as spare parts for torque соnverter repair.

Thanks to modern production base, smoothly running machine design and production, efficiency and quality of our products are remaining at high level and the presence of our own design bureau allows us to solve complex and non-trivial tasks.

We can say with confidence that KINERGО is always open to new partners, new directions, and we are always charged with energy and optimism to meet new challenges.