• Professional equipment for torque converter rebuilding

  • More than 200 companies all over the world are using our equipment

  • We train your team to become professionals in TC rebuilding

  • Our resource saving technologies help to save your money

About us

The company started to work in 2005, when we started to repair torque converters. Time has given us invaluable experience, and as you know the experience combined with the knowledge and inner ambition makes you move on. As a result, our experience and engineering training we materialized in our own TC rebuilding line, using in it all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of rebuilding of this transmission unit. We did not stop there and run it in the commercial series, which has been successful worldwide. Later, creating a manufacturing base and design department, we have applied our experience in manufacturing equipment in the task of automating processes for mass production. That is why today the KINERGO equipment is operated not only in TC repair shops, but also at the enterprises of industrial complex, where the speed and reliability of equipment is necessary. Now KINERGO equipment is successfully operated from the Far East to the United States.