Expert material on opening a TC rebuilding workshop

The expert materials on opening a Torque Converter workshop were first introduced at the seminar AutroTransTech 2015 in Russia. Alexander Shatkov and Edgar Nebylitsa reviewed KINERGO technologies on torque converter rebuilding. Alan Smith, managing Director of Cottingham Engineering, attended the seminar together with KINERGO. Cottingham Engineering produces widely known installation for testing of automatic transmission valve bodies.

The materials prepared by KINERGO experts attracted a large audience and were well received by automatic transmission rebuilding specialists. KINERGO experts gaven answers to the questions that concern anyone who plans TC rebuilding: what is required to start torque converters rebuilding? how much can I earn on TC repairs? what investments are needed? etc.

In our materials we provided insights on the most necessary units in KINERGO equipment line – in particular, explained the serious necessity of leak test stand and internal clearence check stand in addition to the welding machine and piston bonder; described the advantages of using a unique stand to check the locking mechanism preload when working with six step converters which significantly facilitates the procedure of converter rebuilding; considered the situations when the balancer is truly needed.

In his speech Edgar Nebylitsa pointed out the “starters kit” of KINERGO equipment , highlighted technical issues regarding the required space for installation of machines, skills and experience of technicians.

The complete materials are available in the following article:
How to start your TC workshop.