The results of specialized seminar KINERGO – TransAutoTech 2015.

The seminar was one of the largest specialized seminars in Europe on repairing the hydraulic valve body and AT Torque Converter. 

The seminar took place in Belarus, about 50 km from the capital city of Minsk.

Viacheslav Bakalov (TransAutoTech Russia) and Alexander Shatskov (KINERGO) evaluate the results of the seminar as an excellent starting point for the annual organization of such events together with KINERGO.

The event was visited by a total of about 150 people from countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Cyprus, Turkey, Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Romania and the United States.

The seminar was held as part of the SONNAX and Raybestos roadshow. The representatives of these companies, Steve Garrett (lead engineer SONNAX INDUSTRIES) and Irwin Geurts (leading engineer in the field of friction materials company RAYBESTOS POWERTRAIN) made presentations on the themes: repair the hydraulic automatic transmission and the properties and characteristics of the friction material of TC.

Alexander Shatskov (KINERGO) read a report on the most difficult form of repair in TC, namely the restoration of pre-load in the torque converter clutch. Shatskov also presented a new recovery technology for friction disks for ZF 6HPxx series converters, which is now available to all TC rebuild workshops.

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