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Kinergo and ATRA: a new format of cooperation

Since 2016, Kinergo has been a permanent member of ATRA – the international association of experts in the repair of automatic transmissions. Since June of 2021, there is a new format of cooperation for Kinergo: participation in specialized exhibitions in the United States and placement of its own publications in Gears magazine on an ongoing basis. This means that the products under our brand will become more recognizable in the North American region.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA), established in 1954 in Oxnard (California, USA), is the world’s largest trade organization of transmission rebuilders, transmission specialists, and transmission part suppliers, with over 2,000 members throughout the United States and Canada.

The main tasks of ATRA are to improve the quality of automatic transmission restoration and to create a convenient service infrastructure for the end user.

Under the aegis of ATRA, training events, exhibitions and seminars are held annually. The participants of these events share their accumulated experience and get acquainted with new technologies of automatic transmission restoration.

The main information resource of ATRA is Gears magazine with an audience of more than 18,000 specialists and subject-matter experts.