KINERGO introduces lower cost technology for torque converter rebuilding

KINERGO, a European manufacturer of equipment for rebuilding automatic transmission torque converters, debuted on the United States market. The KINERGO equipment line was presented at the Powertrain Expo and BigR/ReMaTec exhibitions, where due to its availability and innovation it has generated wide interest from automatic transmission repair companies. 

Today KINERGO is one of the few manufacturers of professional equipment for torque converter repair presented at the US market. The emergence of KINERGO made the implementation of torque converter repair more accessible for smaller companies specializing in automatic transmission repair. It became possible due to technology and design features of KINERGO equipment. Proposed investments in a full set of equipment and staff training are now 2-3 times less than the ones that used to be before. For instance, a process that required usage of two welding machines can now be performed on a single specialized welding machine, SV 10.004 completed by a set of tooling, which allows multiple operations on a single machine. 

Thus, KINERGO solves the problem of availability of such equipment to smaller workshops. Previously, the organization of torque converter repair workshops required huge investments, the situation is changing now due to KINERGO’s coming to the market. 

In 2015, the company will present new technology to restore torque converter friction plates. KINERGO is actively involved in the development of new technologies in the segment of torque converter rebuilding by its engineering staff; and, testing of new technologies before mass production takes place at their own torque converter rebuild workshops. 

The opening of the representative office of the company in the USA is scheduled for 2015, at this stage the structure of distributors in the United States is being formed and KINERGO is still open to negotiations on this subject. 

 Source: Aftermarketpress