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KINERGO Heavy Duty equipment line

7 October 2015

KINERGO begins production of the equipment line for rebuilding of heavy duty torque converters. Balancing stand SB 03.500, one of the components of KINERGO Heavy Duty equipment line, is already in serial production. The new line is designed for rebuilding of converters of heavy vehicles, forklifts, and trucks. The other equipment in the Heavy Duty line is in development and adjustment. The release of the complete line to the market is scheduled for March 2016.

Vertical stand for imbalance measurement SB 03.500 is designed to work with torque converters with a diameter of 47 inches (1200 mm) and weight up to 1300 pounds (600 kg). Balancing rotation of a Torque Converter is adjustable from 200 to 500 rpm. According to the standard provided, the power supply is three-phase AC 380V; depending on the Customer's requirements it is reconfigured for a suitable power source.

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