KINERGO workshop in San Jose, Costa Rica

Last Saturday (5 December 2015) in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, transmission workshop held and run by Jimmy Vargas had an official opening of the Torque Converter rebuilding department with a presentation of KINERGO equipment. 

Jimmy Autotransmissiones Ltd are not only engaged in TC and AT rebuilding but also are official distributors of KINERGO company in Central and South America. Besides, it is possible to pass training on torque converters rebuilding there and acquire a personal certificate from KINERGO confirming completion of the course. 

“We are very pleased to have such partners as the team of Jimmy Autotransmission”, says Edgar Nebylitsa, Deputy CEO. “They spent a long time in our workshop in Belarus and took on our experience of converter rebuilding, including the skill of the rebuilding of such troublesome converters as ZF 6HPs series. It was a pleasure to observe their learning process and the enthusiasm with which they approach the work. Knowing that Jimmy Autotransmission specialists work on KINERGO equipment, we can securely confirm the quality of their work”.