Valve body diagnostics stand VBTM-K

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Valve body diagnostics stand VBTM-K - installation for testing and diagnostics of valve body (GB) automatic transmission (automatic transmission). The installation by means of an electronic controller emulates the operation of the automatic transmission and, according to the prescribed gear shifting programs, supplies voltage to the valve body solenoids, after which it takes readings of the output pressure from each channel and generates graphs showing the deviation of the pressure of the tested GB from the reference (new GB). The work is carried out with ATF heated to operating temperatures and at different inlet pressures, thus eliminating the error that occurs when the ATF viscosity changes at different temperatures. The graphs with benchmark tests of the new GB have already been "poured" into the software shell. GB is installed on the testing plate, sensors are connected to the output channels and the operator starts the first test (full automatic transmission cycle). The tests are then repeated several times at different inlet pressures. After testing is completed, a graph with the test result is displayed on the screen. As a master, the VBTM-K diagnostic stand issues a specific algorithm that the valve body must execute as an executing device. At the same time, the VBTM-K diagnostic stand can make certain valve body units work in extreme modes, checking them for reliability and trouble-free operation, with the so-called "Stress test". On the output oil lines coming from the valve body, which include certain clutch packs in the gearbox, etc. mechanisms, pressure sensors are installed in the VBTM-K diagnostic stand, which take readings at each unit of time. The information obtained as a result of the test is processed and presented in the form of time graphs and tables with data that can be compared with the results of benchmark tests carried out on new, working valve bodies.


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Valve body test plate


Cable connecting valve body to VBTM-K


Valve body test plate


Cable connecting valve body to VBTM-K