5HP19FL (01V) - Kinergo

GT 01.100 | Valve body test machine VВTM-K

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  • Dimensions (L x W x H), mm

    1230 x 850 x 1500

  • Relative humidity, %


  • Voltage, V


The test method is based on comparing the product under test with a known-good product's test results. To ensure high measurement accuracy, a modern, multi-channel, high-speed controller of our own production is used.

The machine imitates the operating conditions of a valve body in a vehicle.

Using the regulator, you can change the inlet pressure, replicating the operation modes of the automatic transmission pump at different engine speeds. To start testing, the following conditions are required to be set beforehand: temperature, inlet pressure, and the selection of a scenario (solenoid control algorithm).


After starting the scenario, the stand will automatically start to control solenoids and simultaneously read pressure and current from all control channels in use.
At the end of the test, the data collected is presented in the form of graphs.
Using the intuitive software, the operator can select the analysis method that suits him best by switching the graphs from the normal view to the hysteresis view. Finally, the operator compares the results obtained from the test with the master graphic charts pre-loaded into the system and gives a conclusion.

The sequence of work is as follows:

1. Mount the valve body to the adapter plate, connect both hydraulic hoses and electrical wiring in accordance with the attached diagram.
2. The stand must be preheated to the required temperature. Select the scenario. Set the required inlet pressure according to the pop-up prompts.
3. Start the automatic test procedure, if necessary, switch the manual valve to the required positions and await results.
4. Analyze the data collected from the test, and give a conclusion on the condition of the valve body.

Test plates and cables for VBTM-K

5HP19FL (01V)

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