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Tоrque converter rеbuilding equipmеnt

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ZK 02.001 riveter from Kinergo is designed to restore the fastening of the lockup piston of torque converters of automatic transmissions of the DP0 (AL4) series, and can also be used for other types of work in your workshop when you need to connect sheet metal using rivets.


The pneumatic press designed by Kinergo is used at service stations as device for disassembly and assembly of automatic transmission drums.


The SRT01 kit is designed for disassembling and assembling linear solenoids of 5- and 6-speed automatic transmissions manufactured by Aisin Warner; it allows you to flare the solenoid without leaving damage to its body; during reassembly, it ensures alignment between the elements and gives a flaring quality close to the factory one.


SG 30.600 stand is designed to test the tightness of torque converters in automatic transmissions of trucks and specialized construction and agricultural vehicles.