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Test plates and cables for VBTM-K

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Transmission Plate code Cable code
Aisin Warner
AW55-50SN (AF33, RE5F22A, AF33-5); AW55-51SN 70114 70114CH
AW55-50SN (AF33, RE5F22A, AF33-5); AW55-51SN 70115 70114CH
TF-80SC (AF40, AW6A-EL) 70116 70116CH
TF-81SC (AF21) 70118 70118CH
TF-60SN (09G); TF-61SN (09K); TF-62SN (09M) 70119 70119CH
TR-60SN (09D) 70120 70120CH
TF-60SN (09G) [Gen.2] 70121 70121CH
TR-80SD (0С8) 70137 70137CH
TF-81SC (AF21) [Gen.2], TF-71SC 70193 70193CH
TF-70SC; TF-80SC (AF40, AW6A-EL) [Gen.2] 70194 70193CH
TF-80SC (AF40, AW6A-EL); TF-81SC (AF21) 70203 70118CH
TF-60SN (09G); TR-60SN (09D) 70204 70119CH
F8G30, F8G35, F8G45 70212 70212CH
BTR/Ssang Yong/DSI
M11 70211 70211CH
62TE 70238 70238CH
5R55N/S/W 70154 70154CH
6DCT450; 6DCT451; 6DCT470 70246 70246CH
General Motors
6T30 [Gen.1]; 6T35 [Gen.1]; 6T40 [Gen.1]; 6T45 [Gen.1] 70153 70153CH
5L40 70165 70165CH
A6LF1 70177 70177CH
A6GF2; A6LF2 70207 70207CH
Gamma (C0GF1); Kappa 70210 70210CH
A6GF1; A6MF1 (6F24) 70241 70177CH
A4CF1 70705 70705CH
JF009E (RE0F08A) 70009 70010CH
JF010E (RE0F09A) 70010 70010CH
JF011E (RE0F10A) 70011 70011CH
JF015E (RE0F11A) 70015 70015CH
JF016E (RE0F10D); JF017E (CVT8) 70017 70017CH
JF506E (RE5F01A, 09A, 09B) 70166 70166CH-01
Mercedes Benz
722.6 70124 70124CH
722.9 70126 70126CH
V5A51 70128 70128CH
DP0 (AL4); DP2 70173 70173CH
ATN8 70212 70212CH
A750 70239 70239CH
A760; А960; AB60 70239 70240CH
U140; U140 [Gen.2]; U150; U150 [Gen.2]; U151 [Gen.2]; U240 [Gen.2]; U240; U241; U250; U250 [Gen.2] 70215 70215CH-01; 70215CH-02
U660; U760 (TM-60LS) 70197 70197CH
02E (DQ250) 70192 70192CH
5HP19FL (01V) 70131 70131CH
6HP19; 6HP26; 6HP32 70138 70138CH
6HP21; 6HP28; 6HP34 70188 70188CH
8HP45 (845RE, AL450, 0CM); 8HP50; 8HP55; 8HP60; 8HP65; 8HP70; 8HP75; 8HP90; 8HP95 70242 70242CH
9HP28; 9HP48 (948TE) 70334 70334CH
Universal plates for solenoids testing
Adapter plate for solenoid testing up to 25 bars 90000 90000CH
Adapter plate for solenoid testing up to 60 bars 90100 90100CH