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DSG7.03 | DSG7 DQ200 repair kit

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The DSG7.03 repair kit allows you to perform the repair of the DSG 7 (OAM, OCW DQ200) series gearboxes with a “dry clutch” in case of pressure problems. Pressure loss occurs as a result of cracks or structural failure (loss of tightness) in the area where the accumulator is attached to the valve body. Repair with the Kinergo kit does not require replacement of the mechatronics plate. The cup is fastened with standard screws for fastening the plate to the mechatronics body.

The repair kit includes:

– Hydraulic accumulator – 1 pc.

– Cup (adapter) – 1 pc.

– O-ring – 2 pcs.

Special mounting Wrench for DSG7 hydraulic accumulator is to be ordered separately. (supplied FREE for every 10 DSG 7.03 repair kits)

The kit successfully eliminates the “P17BF problem”*, common for DSG 7 transmission

* – other error codes are in the table

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Fault’s indicators (error codes) DSG7 DQ200 mechatronics
(VW 06079) P17BF Malfunction in the hydraulic pump
(VAG 006079/10902/10903) P17BF
(VW 06300) P189C Limited performance due to insufficient pressure rise; Play protection (unjustfield activation/deactivation)
(VAG 006300) P189C
P1895 Limitation of perfomance due to pressure drop
DSG7 DQ 200
0AM until 2013 0BM
0CW since 2014


  • – compatible with all types of automatic transmissions of DSG7 DQ200 series
  • – in most cases, repair is possible without removing the mechatronics from the car, for replacement it is enough to dismantle the tray
  • – eliminates the reoccurrence of cracks at the joint, as in the case of replacing only the valve body plate
  • – fast, simple and reliable installation process
  • – allows you to restore the functionality of the mechatronics even with a damaged hydraulic accunulator threaded fastener
  • – installation does not require additional modifications and settings
  • – no need to distamantle and replace the original hydraulic plate


DSG 7 DQ200 malfunction indicators

– VW 06079 GENERIC P17BF
– VAG 006079/10902/10903, P17BF, Hydraulic Pump: Play Protectionс

– VW 06300 GENERIC P189C
– VAG 006300, P189C, limited performance due to insufficient pressure rise

– P1895 – limited performance due to pressure drop

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Пример трещины

Accumulator breakdown in mechatronics DSG 7 DQ200

Principle of operation:

In mechatronics DSG 7, a hydraulic pump pushes oil through a filter to a hydraulic accumulator, which maintains oil pressure in the system when the pump is off.

The walls of the housing at the point of attachment of the accumulator are too thin, which leads to the formation of cracks, loss of pressure in the system and the failure of the mechatronics itself.

Replacing the valve body is a complex, expensive job that does not guarantee the absence of future breakdowns. Attempts to save money by purchasing cheap analogs of the valve body lead to unnecessary risk and loss of money.

Our unique repair kit allows you to completely restore a broken valve body.

In most cases, the mechatronics module can be removed in a garage and the automatic transmission can be repaired right on the spot.

If such a possibility is excluded, our solution is still simpler and more reliable than replacing the valve body plate, which requires a complete disassembly of the mechatronics.

No programming is required either before or after installing the repair kit.

The hydraulic accumulator is attached to the damaged housing and completely restores the mechatronics hydraulic system.

After the repair, the pressure in the system is restored, completely normalizing the operation of the mechatronics.


Suitable for the following modifications of the DSG 7 dq200 gearbox:

  • 0AM 325 025 M Z1L
  • 0AM 325 025 M Z2B
  • 0AM 325 025 M Z2N
  • 0AM 325 025 K Z6D
  • 0AM 325 025 K Z6C
  • 0AM 325 025 K Z6T

Associated part numbers:

  • 0AM 927 769 D
  • 0AM 927 769 K
  • 0AM 927 769 G
  • 0AM 325 025 D
  • 0AM 325 025 H
  • 0AM 325 065 N
  • 0AM 325 025 J
  • 0AM 325 065 L
  • 0AM 325 065 S
  • DQ200 DSG

Please check your vehicle has a DSG 7 speed gearbox:

  • Audi A1 2008-2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 Speed
  • Audi A1 (8X) with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox Model Years 2011-2016
  • Audi A3 (8P, 8V) with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox Model Years 2008-2016
  • Audi Q3 2011 1.4l 1.6l 1.8l 7 speed
  • Audi TT (8J) with 7-speed dual clutch gearbox Model Years 2012-2016
    • SEAT Altea / XL 2009-2011 1.6l 1.8l 7 speed
    • SEAT Ibiza 2009-2011 1.2l 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
    • SEAT Leon 2007-2011 1.8l 7 speed
    • Skoda Fabia 2010- 2011 2013-2015 7 speed
    • Skoda Modela 2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
    • Skoda Octavia Model Years 2009-2015 7 speed
    • Skoda Superb Model Years 2008-2015 7 speed
    • Skoda Rapid Model Years 2014-2015 7 speed
    • Skoda Roomster Model Years 2013-2014 7 speed
    • Skoda Yeti Model Years 2013-2015 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Beetle / convertible Model Years 2011-2015 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Bora 2010-2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Caddy Model Years 2010-2015 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Golf / Golf Plus Model Years 2007-2015 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Jetta / Jetta Wagon Model Years 2008-2015 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Lavida 2010-2011 1.4l 1.6l 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Passat Model Years 2008-2015 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Polo Model Years 2007-2015 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Sagitar 2009-2011 1.4l 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Scirocco 2008-2011 1.4l 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Sharan 2010-2011 1.4l 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Tiguan 2011 1.8l 7 speed
    • Volkswagen Touran 2010-2011 1.4l 1.6l 1.8l 7 speed

And other models with a DSG 7 speed gearbox