DSG7T3 | Wrench for DSG7 hydraulic accumulator - Kinergo

DSG7T3 | Wrench for DSG7 hydraulic accumulator

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The DSG7T3 wrench is specifically designed for the installation of the DSG7.03 hydraulic accumulator (mechatronics repair kit DSG7 DQ200 manufactured by Kinergo) in DSG mechatronics with a double clutch.

The updated design of the wrench features improved ergonomics and reduced dimensions, eliminating the need for a handle. This makes it possible to replace the hydraulic accumulator without removing the automatic transmission mechatronics from the vehicle.

Using a wrench, the DSG7.03 repair kit is installed in the valve body and restores the mechatronics hydraulic system.

The wrench is equipped with two 1/2" square holes to accommodate various standard tools such as extensions, tap wrenches, and ratchets, making it suitable for use in confined spaces. It is recommended to use both holes when significant force is required to avoid distortions and breaks.

Made of 4mm thick zinc-coated steel, the DSG7T3 wrench is durable and suitable for use in automatic transmissions 0AM, DQ200, and 0CW.