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SG 30.600 | Torque converter leakage tester

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  • Dimensions (LxWxH), mm

    1240 х 880 х 2340

  • Internal dimensions of the bath (LxWxH), mm


  • Working pressure, bar


  • Maximum permissible diameter of the sealed hub of the torque converter, mm


  • Weight, kg


SG 30.600 stand is designed to test the tightness of torque converters in automatic transmissions of trucks and specialized construction and agricultural vehicles.

The tightness of the torque converter is critical for the smooth operation of the automatic transmission; the SG 30.600 test bench allows you to detect leaks in the torque converter body and along the entire length of the welded joint.

To identify possible leaks, the method of immersing the torque converter in water is used, in this case, excess air pressure is created inside the unit. The appearance of bubbles indicates places where leaks are possible. Detecting leaks immediately after repairs saves specialists’ time and workshop’s resources.

The SG 30.600 Heavy Duty stand differs from the SG 50.500 stand by its reinforced frame and increased bath volume. These features make it possible to test the tightness of the welded joints of the bodies of torque converters with a diameter of up to 560 mm and a weight of up to 150 kg.

The Heavy Duty series is specially designed for repairing automatic transmissions of trucks and special equipment.

The stand is equipped with two pneumatic cylinders: one is used for hermetically pressing the tip with a sealing plate to the hub of the torque converter, the second is for raising and lowering the bath.

The control panel is intuitive, with a pressure gauge for monitoring the air pressure entering the torque converter housing and control levers. Purpose of the levers: fixing the torque converter on the stand, supplying and releasing pressure inside the body, raising and lowering the bath. On the back of the control panel there is a filter regulator, a system pressure gauge and a pressure adjustment knob.

SG 30.600 torque converter leakage tester from Kinergo is environmentally friendly and saves your company’s resources and does not require connection to the electrical network. To work on the stand, you just need to connect it to the compressed air system, which is available at any service station, and fill the bath with water to 3/4 of its volume.

Kinergo is a company with more than 15 years of experience and expertise in the development of automatic transmission repair equipment. We are proud of our reputation and adherence to the highest standards of quality in the industry.