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SRT 01 | Solenoid Disassembly Tool Kit

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The SRT01 kit is designed for disassembling and assembling linear solenoids of 5- and 6-speed automatic transmissions manufactured by Aisin Warner; it allows you to flare the solenoid without leaving damage to its body; during reassembly, it ensures alignment between the elements and gives a flaring quality close to the factory one.

The kit allows you to repair the 1st generation solenoids with large coils from valve bodies of Aisin Warner gearboxes such as 55-50SN, TF-60SN, TF-80SC, TF-81SC, TR-60SN. This will help avoid replacing them, which will significantly reduce the cost of repairs.

After disassembling the solenoid, you can clean the moving parts of the solenoid from dirt, replace worn guide bushings, an overheated inductor and, if necessary, a thrust washer.

Used for the 1st generation linear solenoids with large coil of Aisin Warner transmissions’ valve bodies:

  • 55-51SN
  • 55-50SN
  • TF-60SN (09G, 09K, 09M)
  • TF-80SC
  • TF-81SC
  • TR-60SN (09D)