Automatic Torque Converters industrial welding machine SV 50.001

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  • Max power consumption, kW


  • Power supply voltage, V


  • Max. diameter of gas turbine engine, mm


  • Max. height of the gas turbine engine, mm


  • Max productivity per shift (pcs.)

    up to 400

  • Dimensions (DSHV), mm

    980 х 2140 х 2270

  • Weight, kg



This automatic machine was developed for large industrial enterprises repairing large quantities of the same type of torque converters. This machine is capable of welding to carry out welding of torque converters up to 450 mm in diameter and up to 300 mm in height. The machine is equipped with two welding torches with automatic feed to the body of the gas turbine to be welded. The torches are brought in by means of an electric drive: when starting the welding cycle, the torches, previously set in the required position, are brought to the body, the machine welds the body in automatic mode and returns the torches to their original position. This machine is designed for the repair of gas turbine engines of any transport by large enterprises. The main purpose of the machine is for serial repair of the same type of gas turbine engine. An individual program for each type of gas turbine engine (60 programs are preinstalled in the factory) allows you to automate production and significantly increase productivity.