Lathe machine for special applications LM 50.800

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  • Maximum power consumed by the machine, kW


  • Machine weight, no more, kg


  • Width, mm


  • Depth, mm


  • Height, mm


  • Air temperature from, C

    from +5 to +30

  • The power supply, V


  • Relative humidity, %



This lathe has been specially designed for the needs of garages specializing in the repair of torque converters. The design ensures reliable fixation of the torque converter on the faceplate due to the use of a special mechanism, and also provides high accuracy of centering due to the use of special adapters; it is also possible to use a standard lathe chuck. The cutter locking mechanism allows the use of standard cutters with a holder section of 25x20 mm and 25x25 mm. Cross feed can be carried out both through the operation of a mechanical drive, and in manual mode. In addition, the machine is equipped with electronic measuring rulers and a display that allows you to control the movement of the working units of the machine with a high degree of accuracy, and its design allows for stepless regulation of the spindle rotation speed. Ease of use, compactness, together with the rigidity of the structure and the power of the main drive, make this machine a significant addition to the existing equipment of your car workshop. For the category of people who are closely involved in the production process, the issue of acquiring new generation machine tools is always on the agenda. They are different in purpose and in the degree of jewelry of the work performed. Always indispensable and necessary in the technological process is a lathe capable of handling blanks made of metals of various kinds and categories. Such equipment allows you to work with a variety of surfaces, be it tapered, cylindrical or shaped. It will allow cutting inch and modular threads, chamfering, filigree trimming the ends, drilling holes of the required diameter. If we talk about the "stuffing" of the machine, then it is necessary to highlight such technical units as a running shaft, a feed mechanism, a spindle and so on. But, perhaps, the role of the leader in the work remains with his cutting element - the cutter. The machine is also equipped with additional equipment, which includes dies, drills, various reamers. What is a modern lathe? This is, first of all, equipment equipped with guides of high precision and maximum strength. And additional comfort in work is provided by high-quality illumination of the working area, a reliable cooling system and automation that increases safety in operation. Add to this excellent ergonomics, convenience and ease of use, enviable productivity. Our company is ready to offer to buy high-precision metalworking equipment from recognized world leaders in machine-tool construction at an affordable price throughout Russia. Our experts will provide the necessary assistance in the selection process, taking into account all the subtleties of the production process.