Air test stand SG 50.500

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  • Tightness test pressure, bar


  • Nominal bath volume, m3


  • Pressing force of the adapter to the torque converter neck, N

    according to the pneumatic cylinder passport

  • Stand weight, no more, kg



Allows you to quickly and conveniently identify places of possible leaks along welded joints or other places of damage to the integrity of the torque converter housing (pumps, vacuum systems). To detect leakage points, the method of immersing a torque converter in water is used, inside which an excess air pressure is created. The presence of bubbles indicates the location of possible leaks. The optional pump hub weld test kit (HUB) allows you to check the pump cover before the entire converter is fully welded. The stand does not require an electric power supply, all mechanisms are driven by pneumatics powered by an air compressor, which is available at every service.