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SV 30.002 | Automated torque converter welding machine with two welding guns

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  • Max, diameter of TC, mm

    About 450 мм

  • Power supply Voltage, V


  • Weight, kg


  • Max, consumed power, kWt


  • Dimensions (LWH), mm

    650 х 1750 х 2065

The machine is used for precise welded connection of two halves of the torque converter body with specified tolerances for axial runout and internal thermal gap.

The SV 30.002 is designed for the repair of the torque converters of trucks, passenger cars and special equipment.

The machine is operated via a touch panel with a well thought out multilingual menu.

The SV 30.002 has two mechanized welding torches with an automatic feed which is controlled by a joystick. The automatic approach function is equipped with a memory of the last position of the torch during welding. It allows to increase productivity and ensures consistently high quality of welding of a batch of the same type of torque converters.

The machine has the function of emergency stop the spindle when it comes into contact with a metal piece mounted on a rotary table, and uplifting the spindle to a value set in the menu.


  1. 1. Mechanized high-precision welding torch feed system with the last position memory.
  2. 2. Resistive touch panel allows working with gloves.
  3. 3. Digital adjustment of the turntable speed and the lifting and lowering of the spindle.
  4. 4. Сontrol from the operator panel.
  5. 5. The ability to adjust parameters.
  6. 6. Additional redundant controls on the body of welding machine.