Vacuum-tester VT 01.100

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VT 01.100 vacuum tester was designed to find leackages in Valve Bodies, which could be caused by channels wear or faulty solenoids installation.

This tool is simple and effective and it can be used in any autotransmission repair workshop. The easiest way of fiding the faulty channels in the Valve Body and check if the repair was successfull.


1. Connect vacuum pump to the fitting PUMP
2. Connect measuring plate to the fitting TEST
3. The value has to be 0,8 if the opening is closed and 0,2 – if open. Adjust the settings with throttles BLEED and PUMP

Measuring plate is made of transparent glass. To test the leakproofness, the opening of measuring plates has to be aligned with tested opening. The values shown on Vacuum-tester indicate the level of leakproofness of the cavity. Values close to 0,8 mean that inner cavities are leakproof, small values point out leakages. The lower is the value the bigger is the leakage.