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Air test stand SG 50.500

Allows detecting quickly and conveniently possible leaks of ATF in welded joints or other places, where the body of torque converter is broken. Simple but proven method is used for the detection of leaks: torque converter, inside which excessive pressure is created, is immersed in water. The presence of bubbles shows areas of possible leaks. An additional set of tools for checking the tightness of impeller hub weld allows checking the pump cover before welding of the whole converter. The stand does not require electricity. All mechanisms are pneumatically operated by an air compressor, which every service center has.

On Kinergo you can also find Alignment check stands and End play gauge stands.

Technical characteristics

Air Requirements, bar 8
Nominal volume of the bath, m3 0,05
Clamping force of adapter against the TC's hub according to the pneumatic cilinder's sertificate
Weight, not more than kg 90
Width, mm 530
Height, mm 1900
Length, mm 1000
Air temperature from, C from +5 to +40
Relative humidity, % 30-80
Constant working pressure not less then kg s cm 2 7