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Repair KIT DSG 7.02

DSG 7.02 repair kit allows you to perform the repair of the DSG 7 gearbox, eliminating the most common “P17BF error”, caused by cracks and / or plate cracks in the accumulator holding part.
*     The wrench DSG7T2 should be ordered separately;
*     The screws for fixing the adapter are already installed in the gearbox.

Advantages :
• quick & easy to install;
• no extra effort needed before installation;
• for some types of transmission the repair is possible without
  taking out the plate itself;
• allows you repairing the valve bodies with destroyed accumulator
  thread connection.

Compatible with
following gearboxes: :
0AM 325 025 M Z1L
0AM 325 025 M Z2B
0AM 325 025 M Z2N
0AM 325 025 K Z6D
0AM 325 025 K Z6C
0AM 325 025 K Z6T