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End play gauge stand TZ 03.800

As we all know the torque converters’ moving parts work in ATF environment and are subject to thermal expansion. To make sure the TC works properly, a certain gap must be left between torque converter’s moving parts. The end play gauge stand is the special tool designed for measurements of this very gap between moving parts of the torque converter, to make sure is within the acceptable tolerance. A special linear movement meter was installed on TZ 03.800 for taking measures of the torque converter end play gauge with 0,01 mm accuracy.

On Kinergo you can also find torque converter air test stands and torque converter alignment check stand.

Technical characteristics

Measuring range of clearances, mm 10
Minimum drift diameter through hub, mm 30
Weight, not more thаn, kg 17,5
Length, mm 500
Width, mm 250
Height, mm 490
Air temperature from, C from +5 to +40
Relative humidity, % 30-80