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Lathe machine for special applications LM 50.800

This very lathe machine was designed especially for Torque Converters rebuilding workshops. The TC is well fixed on the faceplate with a specially designed mechanism. This mechanism allows to align the Torque Converters with special adapters; but you also can use an ordinary turning cartridge. The cutting device holder allows the usage of standard burins of 25x20 and 25x25 mm dimensions. The cross feed can be made using the mechanical power or manually. The machine is also equipped with electronic measuring tool with display, which ensures the high precision of operations. Rotation speed can be modified without gear box. Easy and comfortable to use, compact, the rigid construction and a powerful engine - these are the qualities which will allow this lathe machine to become a valuable addition to your workshop.

On Kinergo you can also find parts of torque converters, torque converter welder and Automatic transmission solenoid tester.

Technical characteristics

Power, consumed by the stand, not more than kW 13
Weight, not more then kg 1200
Width, mm 1469
Depth, mm 915
Height, mm 1690
Air temperature from, C from +5 to +30
Relative humidity, % 30-80
The power supply, V 380