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Locking mechanism preload tester IN 06.001

Modern automatic transmission torque converters of world famous manufacturer ZF have a sliding lock mechanism with preloaded friction clutch. These converters are designed so that many service centers, which have experience in repairing hydraulic torque converters, do prefer to offer a customer to buy a new one than to repair it, because it does not give a positive result. Now there is a unique device - KINERGO locking mechanism preload tester. By using this tester and the methodology, developed by our specialists, you will be able to monitor and adjust the required pressure for locking clutch, the value, which directly affects shifting and working of automatic transmissions repaired by you or your partners.

On Kinergo you can also find End play gauge stand and torque converter hydraulic press.

For using this stand you can also get INT 01-6 KIT.

Technical characteristics

Weight, not more then kg 40
Length, mm 450
Width, mm 635
Height, mm 1000
Atmospheric pressure, kPa from 84 to 106
Air temperature from, C from +5 to +40
Relative humidity, % 30-80
Constant working pressure not less then kg s cm 2 7