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Tool kit INT 01-6

The tool kit INT 01-6 kit is a specially designed tool for the loading mechanism preload tester IN 06.001 (for each type of clutch). Tools allow you to rotate and adjust the preloaded disk for two handles. This is a real professional tool that allows you to work quickly and accurately.

INT 01.001 tool for turning the clutch FZF01 Applicability: friction disk FZF01 to torque converters ZF6HP19 (245 mm, 255 mm); ZF6HP26 (255 mm).
INT 01.007 tool for turning the clutch FZF07 Applicability: friction disk FZF07 to torque converters ZF5HP24.
INT 01.008 tool for turning the clutch FZF08 Applicability: friction disk FZF08 to torque converters ZF6HP26(260 mm).
INT 01.009 tool for turning the clutch FZF09 Applicability: friction disk FZF09 to torque converters ZF6HP26(280 mm); ZF6HP28.
INT 01.013 tool for turning the clutch FZF13 Applicability: friction disk FZF13 to torque converters ZF6HP21(255 mm).
INT 01.014 tool for turning the clutch FZF14 Applicability: friction disk FZF14 to torque converters ZF6HP26(275 mm).