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How to start your own automatic transmission repair business?

Automatic transmission repair is a complex business that requires specialized equipment and trained personnel. With a competent approach, the demand for this service will remain consistently high, which guarantees a constant profit for the owner.

KINERGO can offer a wide range of equipment, with the help of which anyone can organize a full-cycle automatic transmission repair service.

KINERGO equipment is a complex of machines, stands, tools and tooling packages of our own design, which can be used both in a large production and a small auto repair shop.

Reliability, availability, innovation are not the only advantages of KINERGO equipment. Working with us, you acquire a reliable partner in your business. We provide a full range of services for the maintenance of workshops specializing in the repair of torque converters, we are engaged in free training of personnel, we provide consulting on optimization of the production process, we provide commissioning, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance of equipment.

Torque converter repair line

A high-quality complex repair of an automatic transmission is impossible without repair of a torque converter (TC). A welded and seemingly simple design can conceal many problems that cannot be solved without specialized equipment.

Kinergo has developed a line of equipment with which you can carry out a high-quality repair of torque converters of any automatic transmission model existing on the market. Torque converter repair line is a complex of equipment that includes welding machines, test benches, special tools and tooling packages.


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Valve body diagnostics equipment

One of the most important components of an automatic transmission is a hydraulic valve plate or valve body, which is responsible for the correct switching of the automatic transmission operating modes. Structurally, this is one of the most complex automatic transmission units, the diagnosis and repair of which causes certain difficulties even for experienced specialists.

The Kinergo VBTM-K diagnostic stand allows you to identify the exact causes of valve body malfunctions and eliminate them. With a wide range of adapter plates, you can diagnose the most popular models on the market.



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Solenoid diagnostic equipment

For testing solenoids, Kinergo has developed a special STM-K stand, with which you can check the functionality of the valve body solenoids. A large selection of adapters allows diagnostics of solenoids from different manufacturers.

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