SENAR S3 is a new friction material from Kinergo - Kinergo

SENAR S3 is a new friction material from Kinergo

KINERGO company introduces to the market of spare parts for automatic transmissions products from a new friction material SENAR S3. This modern friction material has been specially developed as an alternative to existing materials such as TAN, Kevlar and Carbon.

The novelty has high indicators of friction coefficients, wear resistance and stability in a wide range of operating temperatures. In addition to the listed qualities, SENAR S3 has an affordable price as another important advantage.

Laboratory tests have proven that friction products made of Senar S3 material can be successfully used in the production of friction discs and linings used in automatic transmission torque converter lockup assemblies.

The development of SENAR S3 was carried out taking into account the current trends in the automotive market: software control of automatic transmissions and innovative approaches in the production of transmission fluids. This means that the new friction material from Kinergo has excellent performance and a wide range of applications. You can order friction discs and linings made of new material on our website.