Solenoid Test Machine STM-K 

This stand was designed for performing test on different solenoids from different suppliers. Our engineers developed a variety of blocks for testing most of the popular solenoids’ types. A special controller is performing all the data gathering and analysis.


• accurate solenoid testings’ parameters set-up;

• fast & even solenoids pre-heating;

• total immersion in 120C  ATF;

• after sale service & warranty;

• software updates.

Power, consumed by the stand, not more than kW 5.5
Weight (without test plates), not more then kg 300
Width, mm 1360
Depth, mm 700
Height, mm 1530
 Air temperature from, C  from +5 to +30
 Relative humidity, %   30-80
 The power supply, V  380
 Constant working pressure not less then kg s/cm 2  7


Solenoid adapter

Solenoid: ZF5HP19 UNTIL 2001 INCLUSIVE [NC]
Adapter cable: 60131.01C/H
Part number Quantity to order
This adapter is also compatible with the following solenoids from following VB types : 1V, ZF5PH19FL, ZF5PH19FLA UNTIL 2001 INCLUSIVE. , ZF5PH19 UNTIL 2001, INCLUSIVE , 01L, ZF5HP24A , ZF5HP24 .