VBTМ-K: Valve Body Test Machine KINERGO 

The VBTM-K Valve Body test machine is the tool for diagnostics and testing of automatic gearboxes Valve Bodies. The machine uses an electronic controller to emulate the real-time work of the gearbox by redirecting the working pressure according to the preinstalled working scenarios and measuring the outcoming pressure on each channel. After that the graphic diagram is being created allowing you to compare it with the master diagram. The ATF is being heated to the working temperatures and different input pressures are used which allows us to eliminate the potential errors caused by different viscosity of ATF depending on it's temperature.

So called diagrams are already installed in the machine. You place the Valve body on the test plate, plug in the sensors to the output channels and you start the first test (the full gearbox working cycle). After that the test is performed multiple times on different pressures. After the test is done the diagram will appear on the screen. The VBTM-K Valve Body test machine sends some algorithm for the Valve Body to perform. The machine can make some of the Valve Body parts to be working in the extreme mode, trying out their reliability and performance. Such practice is called "Stress Test". You install special pressure sensors on the Valve Body output channels, responsible for engaging and desengaging friction plates and other parts of automatic gearbox, and the pressure value is being measured in given time points. The information received after that is processed and presented on the screen in form of diagrams and tables, which can be compared to the initial test results performed on new Valve Bodies.

Technical details Price inquiry
Power, consumed by the stand, not more than kW 7.2
Weight (without test plates), not more then kg 380
Width, mm 1250
Depth, mm 850
Height, mm 1500
 Air temperature from, C  from +5 to +30
 Relative humidity, %   30-80
 The power supply, V  380